Humorous and funny funny paragraph B – laughyou(笑晕你)

Humorous and funny funny paragraph B

  1. Spring Equinox means that spring is coming and it’s time to break up.
  2. Even if we fail 99 times, we should try to continue… Put it together!
  3. There is a distance called: want to know him through the circle of friends, but he does not send circles of friends.
  4. No sense of existence, but the heart is running at full speed, just like an air-conditioned outdoor machine.
  5. Fat girls, luck will not be too bad, because bad luck girls are fat.
  6. My buddy’s wife is going to parachute tomorrow. I’m really worried that her umbrella won’t open. The last time something this big hit the earth, all the dinosaurs disappeared.
  7. I don’t know the emperor who gave his concubine a litchi from the south in ancient times. What would he think after he learned that today’s soybeans are only used to feed pigs across half the world?
  8. Actually, some people came to me a few years ago and asked me if I would like to try in the entertainment industry, but I knew that my appearance doomed me to not develop very well in the entertainment industry. The road was too narrow, so I could only perform vases, so I refused.
  9. Go to the convenience store and buy something of 24 yuan — an app message from China Merchants Bank, which costs 24 yuan; a message from SMS, which costs 24 yuan; and a message from Wechat, which costs 24 yuan. Give me a complete shock: What did I buy cost more than 70?










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