Talk to Ma Ma Ma on the phone – laughyou(笑晕你)

Talk to Ma Ma Ma on the phone


  1. Last night, I talked to Ma Ma Ma on the phone, and my mother started chanting sutras again. Let me either take my partner home for the New Year or go back to his home for the New Year, or be conceited! I thought about it and said to my mother, “That’s all right. I don’t think the zoo can agree with me either.” 2. Me: Mom, I have a stomachache. My mother: You deserve it. Who makes you always pass the exam? …

1、昨晚跟麻麻讲电话,妈妈又开始念经了,让我今年要么带对象回家过年,要么跟对象回他家过年,不然后果自负! 我想了想,跟妈妈说:“那没辙了,我想人家动物园也不能同意啊! ” 2、我:妈,我肚子疼。 我妈:你活该,谁让你考试总是及格!……

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