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Love words


  1. Zhou Xingchi Zhizhu Yin, the most frequently copied love story, once had a sincere feeling in front of me. I didn’t cherish it. If I had a chance, I would like to say those three words to her: I love you. If you want to give me a commitment plus a deadline, I hope it will be 10,000 years. 2. The most fanatical love story Napoleon told Josephine: I will hold you tight in my arms and kiss you hundreds of millions of times, as fiercely as on the equator. 3. Hemingway: When you love you, you feel the ground moving. 4. The sweetest love is like the chocolate you send me, which melts in your mouth. 5. The most touching sentiment Richard Kiel wrote to Juliet Roberts (in the movie “The Runaway Bride”): If I don’t propose to you, I will regret it all my life, because you are my only one. …
  2. 1、最多人抄袭的情话 周星弛致朱茵(在《大话西游》中):曾经有一段真挚的感情摆在我的面前,我没有珍惜,如果还有机会的话,我愿意对她说那3个字:我爱你。如果要给我个承诺加一个期限的话,我希望是一万年。 2、最狂热的情话 拿破仑致约瑟芬:我将把你紧紧地搂在怀中,吻你亿万次,像在赤道上面那样炽烈的吻。 3、最夸张的情话 海明威:爱你时,觉得地面都在移动。 4、最甜蜜的情话 我就像你送的巧克力,在你的口中被溶化。 5、最易动心的情话 理察.基尔致朱丽叶.罗伯茨(在电影《逃跑的新娘》中):如果我不向你求婚,我会后悔一辈子,因为你是我的惟一。 ……

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