joke – laughyou(笑晕你)



  1. The lowest key is Sanya people, who also call themselves Joan B in Ferrari. 2. There are two of you in the world, one is a food eater, the other is you who really want to lose weight. 3. In fact, many people are not afraid to hit the South wall, so their body can knock down the South wall. 4. What do men fear most? Woman! What is that woman most afraid of? Everything except men is scared! 5. Life is stabbing you repeatedly with a knife while blaming you for not being able to practice a knife and spear for so long. 6. “If you can guess which hand the coin is in, I will help you realize three wishes.” Thousand-handed Guanyin said to me. 7. What is explosion? At first, I felt ugly, but I thought it was OK to see more, but when I thought I had no money to buy it, I felt ugly again. …

1、最低调的就是三亚人了,开着法拉利也自称琼B。 2、世界上有两个你,一个吃货的你,一个真心想减肥的你~ 3、其实很多人是不怕撞南墙的,以他们的身板能把南墙撞塌。 4、男人最怕什么?女人呀!那女人最怕什么?除了男人啥都怕! 5、生活是一边拿刀反反复复的捅你,一边责备你怎么这么久还没练成刀枪不入 6、“如果你能猜到硬币在哪只手里,我就帮你实现三个愿望。”千手观音对我说。 7、什么是爆款?就是一开始觉得很难看,看多了却觉得还行,但一想到没钱买,顿时又觉得难看了。……

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