joke – laughyou(笑晕你)



  1. Baby Tiger asked Daddy Tiger: Daddy and Daddy, why do people have an epilogue called “Tiger’s Beard – can’t touch it”? Daddy Tiger answered, “Son, this is because once when people trimmed Daddy’s beard, Daddy was hungry, so he couldn’t help eating him!”
  2. A: What is traditional Chinese character?

B: Characters with many strokes.

A: Why are strokes called traditional Chinese characters?

B: There are too many strokes. It’s troublesome and annoying to write. Therefore, it is called traditional Chinese characters.

  1. Grapes are ripe in the season, but our grapes are still green, not because of too much fertilization and too much nutrients. It tastes good, but nobody comes to collect it. What should I do? Mom and Dad had to ride bicycles to the market to sell. In order to sell more, they act separately. One is in the South and the other is in the north. In short, they are only 5 or 6 meters apart. They agreed that the grapes cost 8 cents a kilo. A buyer came and asked, “Comrade, how do you sell grapes?” “Eight cents a kilo,” Dad said. “Cheaper, how about two kilos for a dollar?” Family bargaining. “One dollar and two catties? Then go and buy it from the man opposite you. I don’t sell it!” Dad said. Before the man came back to his senses, he just heard his mother shout, “Why don’t you sell it for me?” I don’t sell either!”
  2. A said, “Do you think my new perm will make me look ugly?”

B answered, “No.”

A asked, “Really? Not at all?”

B said, “Really not. Because your ugliness has nothing to do with your hair.






  4、葡萄到了该熟的季节,可我家的葡萄还是绿油油的,不是别的原因,是施肥施的太多,养料太大。尽管口味也还不错,但就是没有人来收。怎么办?爸妈只好骑自行车去集市叫卖。为了销的更多一些,他们分头行动。一个在路南,一个在路北,总之只相隔5、6米远。他们商量好葡萄8毛钱一斤。有一个买家过来了,问道:“同志,葡萄怎么卖啊?”“8毛钱一斤”爸说道。“便宜点儿吧,一块钱2斤怎么样?”人家砍价。“一块钱2斤?那你去对面那个人那儿买去吧!我不卖! ”爸说道。还没等那人回过神儿来,只听妈喊道:“你不卖凭什么让我卖啊?我也不卖! ”





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